Silent Films


List of films accompanied since 2008 (all on piano, except those with an asterisk which have been performed on the organ):

A Cottage on Dartmoor (UK 1929) Anthony Asquith
Asphalt (Germany )
Battleship Potemkin (USSR 1925) Eisenstein
Berlin, Symphony of a City (Germany 1927) Walter Ruttman

The Vagabond (USA 1918)

Blackmail (UK 1929) Hitchcock
Bleak House (UK 1920) Maurice Elvey
Crossways (Japan 1928)
Dawn (UK 1928) Herbert Wilcox
Downhill (USA 1927) Hitchcock
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (UK 1920)*
Easy Street (USA 1917)
Explosion of a motor car (UK ) Cecil Hepworth
Four Sons (USA 1928)
Girl Shy (USA 1924)
Helen of Four Gates (UK 1922) Cecil Hepworth
Hindle Wakes (UK 1927) Maurice Elvey
How it feels to be run over (UK 1901) Cecil Hepworth
Metropolis (Germany 1927)* Fritz Lang
Nanook of the North (USA 1922)* Robert J Flaherty
Nosferatu (Germany 1922)* F W Murnau
One Week (USA 1920)
Our Hospitality (USA 1923) Buster Keaton
People on Sunday (Menschen am Sonntag) (Germany 1930) Siodmak

Rescued by Rover (UK 1905) Cecil Hepworth
Safety Last (USA 1923)
The Adventurer (USA 1923)
The Black Pirate (USA 1926) Albert Parker
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Germany 1920)*
The Champion (USA 1918)
The First Born (UK 1929) Miles Mander
The Goat (USA 1920)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (USA 1921)*
The Immigrant (USA 1917)
The Lodger (UK 1927)* Alfred Hitchcock
The Passion of Joan of Arc (Denmark 1928)* Dreyer
The Phantom of the Opera (USA 1923)* Rupert Julian

The Pleasure Garden (UK 1925) Hitchcock

The Rat (UK 1925)
The Ring (UK 1927) Hitchcock

To’lable David (USA )
Underground (UK 1928) Anthony Asquith

Voyage across the impossible (France ) Meliés